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Next Steps After Installing Our Tracking Script
Next Steps After Installing Our Tracking Script
Updated over a week ago

Once our script is installed, you don't need to take any ongoing action for the data to flow back to RB2B.

After successfully installing and verifying the tracking script on your website, we recommend setting up our Slack integration. This enables you to receive user profiles directly in Slack, ensuring you get this information in real-time.

30 Day Trial of RB2B Pro

Upon creating your RB2B account, you automatically receive a 30-day complimentary trial of our RB2B Pro service, with no strings attached. This trial offers you unrestricted access to all our premium features, integrations, and services at no cost. Unlike some services that require credit card information to start a trial, we provide this benefit immediately upon account setup without any need for payment details. When the trial period concludes, you can choose to either continue with RB2B Pro by subscribing or effortlessly transition to RB2B Free.



Visit the Profiles page of our dashboard to see your profiles in real-time. There you'll see all profiles collected whether new, repeat, whole (containing a LinkedIn URL), or incomplete (missing a piece of information but still valuable).

Don't forget to set up your Slack integration to get notifications of new profiles in real-time as well.

Why can't I see myself in the data?

RB2B possesses the capability to discern and categorize approximately 20-30% of your traffic originating from the United States, achieving this at a detailed contact level resolution. If in the United States and you're not seeing yourself in the data it means one of two things:

  1. Your information isn't currently available to us in our partner network.

  2. We were able to determine some but not all of your information. We only transmit complete profiles.

Will I see email addresses?

Seeing email addresses is restricted to paid plans. You can learn more about that here.

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