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$495 USD per month. Billed monthly with no commitment.

About RB2B Pro

RB2B Pro is crafted to empower sales teams with advanced integration capabilities, notably with leading CRMs like SalesLoft, Outreach, and This integration facilitates a seamless workflow, enabling the immediate synchronization of user profiles to your CRM system. Such real-time data transfer is invaluable, allowing SDRs and sales teams to quickly identify and engage with potential leads, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales strategies. RB2B Pro also offers advanced features like business email access and Slack notifications, further enriching your team's ability to connect with leads promptly and personally.

Incorporating these features into your sales process can significantly streamline operations, reduce response times, and increase conversion rates by ensuring your team focuses on the most promising opportunities. RB2B Pro is designed to integrate smoothly into your existing sales ecosystem, providing a robust foundation for scaling your sales efforts and driving growth.

Profile Information Accessible With RB2B Pro

With RB2B Pro, you'll have access to all essential profile details, including:

  • Full Name

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Job Title

  • Company Name

  • Industry

  • NEW: Business Email Address

  • NEW: Last Session Pageview History

  • NEW: All Time Pageview History

RB2B Pro unlocks access to Last Session Pageview History and All Time Pageview History allowing sales teams to gain deeper insights into potential leads by tracking their engagement over time. This feature adds significant value by enabling more personalized and timely outreach strategies.

Chat Support Unlocked

Additionally, this tier offers chat support, providing quick access to personalized assistance for any queries or issues.

Seamless CRM Integrations

RB2B Pro enhances functionality by enabling integrations with leading sales CRMs, streamlining the workflow between identifying potential leads and engaging with them directly through your existing sales tools. This interconnected approach optimizes the sales process, making it more efficient and effective.

CRM integrations available with RB2B Pro include:

* Coming soon.

Advanced Sales Tools & Customization

RB2B Pro introduces additional features to enhance your sales strategy, including diverse integration options and advanced filtering capabilities.

  • Zapier integration*

  • Profile filtering by Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)*

  • Multiple filters per account*

  • Intelligent routing to different reps*

  • CSV data downloads

* Coming soon.

How to Upgrade

For more information on how to upgrade to RB2B Pro, read this article.

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