How does RB2B work?
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RB2B operates through a four-step process, designed to enhance user engagement on your website, while respecting privacy and data integrity:

Step 1: Activation & Initial Screening

Our script activates upon a visitor's arrival to your site, conducting initial checks including a geofence for U.S. location verification, followed by a series of evaluations to qualify the user for further analysis.

Step 2: Information Correlation

We utilize the visitor's online behavior signals to correlate their data with existing profiles within our extensive partner network, ensuring a high level of accuracy and relevance.

Step 3: Professional Profiling

After a successful match, we enrich the identified profile with professional details sourced from LinkedIn and other career-related databases, aiming to construct a comprehensive professional snapshot.

Step 4: Value Assessment & Transmission

Upon validating the enriched profile as complete and valuable, we securely transmit this actionable insight to you, enabling targeted engagement and personalized user experiences.

This streamlined approach ensures that only meaningful and actionable user profiles are shared, respecting both user privacy and your strategic goals.

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