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Our commitment to accessibility shines with our forever-free tier, ensuring you can leverage essential services without any pressure to upgrade.

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RB2B's complimentary service tier grants you leads capped at 500 per day, unlimited dashboard users, and with our Slack integration enhancing communication efficiency. This level provides the real-time visibility of LinkedIn profiles (excluding business email addresses) on our dashboard and Slack, ensuring you never miss out on fresh leads. Our free tier is tailored to offer substantial support and functionality for your business essentials.

Profile Information Accessible With RB2B Free

At RB2B's complimentary tier, you'll have access to essential profile details, including:

  • Full Name

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Job Title

  • Company Name

  • Industry

Profile Collection Limitations

RB2B Free users are limited to a maximum of 1,000 profiles collected per day. This figure is the sum of all new and returning profiles collected over the course of a calendar day. When the maximum number of profiles has been reached, collection for the day ceases and you will be notified via email and Slack (if enabled). Consider upgrading to RB2B Pro as it features unlimited profile collection.

Additional Profile Insights with Upgrade

For more in-depth insights like business email addresses and page view histories, consider upgrading to RB2B Pro.

Extended Integrations for Enhanced Connectivity

Unlock integrations with platforms such as SalesLoft, Outreach, Instantly,, Clay, and Zapier by moving to RB2B Pro, facilitating smoother workflows and expanded capabilities.

Features Reserved for RB2B Pro

Enhance your RB2B experience with features exclusive to RB2B Pro, including Webhooks, profile filtering by Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), CSV data downloads, and dedicated chat support. Upgrading your plan opens the door to these advanced tools and features, further empowering your business operations.

How to Upgrade

For more information on how to upgrade to this plan, read this article.

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