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How to Implement RB2B Into Your Sales Strategy: Engineering Serendipity for Higher Engagement
How to Implement RB2B Into Your Sales Strategy: Engineering Serendipity for Higher Engagement
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Tired of cold outreach falling flat? RB2B gives you a powerful tool – the ability to identify those anonymous website visitors and turn them into warm leads. But knowing who they are is only the first step. This guide will show you how to integrate RB2B into your sales process and leverage it for what we call "engineered serendipity" – creating the perfect conditions for a successful sales conversation.

Step 1: Get Set Up

  • Install RB2B on your website: Begin capturing those valuable website visitor insights.

  • Set up your Slack integration (or use the RB2B dashboard): Get real-time lead notifications delivered where your team works.

Step 2: Onboard Your Sales Champion

  • Choose the right person: Start with a proactive, motivated BDR or SDR as your RB2B early adopter.

  • Add them to Slack & RB2B: Give them access to both the Slack channel and the RB2B dashboard.

Step 3: Make it a Daily Habit

  • Dedicated lead check-in: Your sales champion should check for new RB2B leads at least once daily, prioritizing those with high website activity. Website activity can be found in the Details section of a contact on the Profiles page of your RB2B dashboard.

  • Integrate with CRM: Streamline your workflow by connecting RB2B with your CRM.

Step 4: The Power of a Fast LinkedIn Connection

  • Speed matters: When you see a qualified lead, connect with them on LinkedIn as fast as possible. This capitalizes on their recent website visit.

  • No message needed (yet): Since they already know your brand, a simple connection request is enough, leading to higher acceptance rates.

Step 5: Engineering Serendipity – Follow-up Within 24 Hours

  • Double up: LinkedIn message + email: Now that they're connected, send both a LinkedIn message and a tailored email within 24 hours to reinforce the connection.

  • Don't mention the website visit: Let the lead feel like the interaction is organic. Their brand and individual awareness will already be high, leading to greater engagement.

  • Crafting your messages: Check out this post for tips on writing a stellar LinkedIn message.

The RB2B Advantage: Why Engineered Serendipity Works

RB2B-identified leads aren't just names on a list. They've already shown interest in your company. By following up quickly, you establish a connection while they're still engaged. This creates a sense of serendipitous discovery for the lead, boosting open rates and fostering a more positive initial interaction.

Celebrate Successes & Iterate!

Acknowledge wins generated from RB2B leads to boost team morale and track the effectiveness of this approach. Refine your strategies over time based on your team's results.

Ready to transform your lead gen? With RB2B and the power of engineered serendipity, you can achieve more meaningful connections, nurture stronger leads, and boost your conversion rates.

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