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Setup Guide:
Updated over a week ago integration is only available for RB2B Pro users.

Before You Begin

Before beginning the integration, please ensure that the API key is a master API key, else it will not function.

Our integration works with Slack to add a 'Push to' button to your Slack notifications. This allows you to push profiles of your choosing from Slack to on demand.

RB2B's integration must be used in conjunction with RB2B's Slack integration.

Setting Up an Integration with

To initiate your Apollo‎ integration, navigate to Integrations from the sidebar menu. Locate among the integration options and select View Integration.

Adding Your API Key

In the input field provided, enter your API Key. Don't know it? has documentation here to help you find it.

Click Validate API Key to confirm that it has been entered correctly. Once your API Key has been validated, click Save to publish your changes or Cancel to abandon them.

Choose Your Sequence(s)

After validating the API key, pick the sequence(s) that you wish to use. If none are present, click the refresh icon. If you don't see any after refreshing, please ensure that the API key that you have entered is the Master API key.

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