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Is installing RB2B's tracking script mandatory?
Is installing RB2B's tracking script mandatory?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, installing RB2B's tracking script on your website is a requirement to use RB2B. This script is essential because, without it, RB2B cannot identify your visitors. The tracking script enables us to:

  • Collect Visitor Data: It gathers information about your website visitors, such as their browsing behavior and interactions with your site.

  • Match Visitors to Profiles: The script helps match anonymous visitors to known profiles in our system, allowing for more personalized and targeted engagement.

  • Track Visitor Activity: It ensures that all visitor activities are accurately tracked and recorded.

  • Enhance Marketing Efforts: With precise visitor data, your marketing campaigns can be more effectively tailored to your audience, improving overall performance.

Without the tracking script, these functionalities are not possible, and RB2B cannot deliver the full benefits of its service.

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