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What factors can affect the performance of RB2B's tracking script?
What factors can affect the performance of RB2B's tracking script?
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Several factors can affect the performance of your RB2B tracking script:

Cookie Policy Banner Integration

  • Tying the functionality of RB2B's tracking script to the user's acceptance of your cookie policy banner will affect the number of profiles collected. If users do not accept cookies, the script will not function, which can limit the data collected and the accuracy of visitor identification.

Placement of the Tracking Script

  • Installing your tracking script in the <body> of your website versus the <head> can impact how and when the script is executed. Placing the script in the head ensures it loads earlier, capturing visitor interactions from the moment they land on the page. If placed in the body, there might be a delay, causing potential data loss if visitors navigate away quickly.
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Scope of Script Installation

  • Installing RB2B's tracking script on a limited number of pages restricts its ability to track visitor behavior comprehensively. For optimal performance, it's best to place the script on all relevant pages to capture a complete picture of user interactions and movement across your site.
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