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Setup Guide: HubSpot CRM
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HubSpot CRM integration is only available for RB2B Pro users.

HubSpot CRM Integration Video Tutorial

How RB2B's HubSpot CRM Integration Works

When RB2B is connected to HubSpot CRM, it creates a non-editable form named "RB2B Form" within HubSpot. This form is used by RB2B to submit newly identified profiles to HubSpot via an API call, linking them to a cookie for tracking purposes.

Important Considerations:

  • Non-Editable Form: The "RB2B Form" created by the integration is non-editable.

  • Lead Tagging: All leads submitted from RB2B to HubSpot CRM via this form are automatically tagged as 'marketing' leads. Due to limitations in HubSpot CRM's API, this setting cannot be changed by RB2B.

Setting Up an Integration with HubSpot CRM

To initiate your HubSpot CRM integration, navigate to Integrations from the sidebar menu. Locate HubSpot CRM among the integration options and select View Integration.

Click the Integrate with HubSpot button that appears in the modal window.

Choose the account that you wish to connect to by clicking the associated radio button. The Choose Account button will turn orange when clickable. Click it to continue.

To finalize the connection, click the orange Connect app button or click Cancel to abandon your changes.

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