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Why is RB2B not recording all visitors?
Why is RB2B not recording all visitors?
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RB2B possesses the capability to discern and categorize approximately 20-30% of your traffic originating from the United States, achieving this at a detailed contact level resolution. This means that for around a quarter of the visitors coming to your website from the U.S., RB2B can successfully identify and provide specific contact information. This feature is particularly useful for businesses aiming to understand and engage with their audience more effectively. By utilizing this capability, you gain valuable insights into a significant segment of your user base, enabling targeted communication and more personalized user experiences. Our system continuously strives to optimize and enhance the accuracy of this identification process, aiming to expand the percentage of traffic that can be resolved with such detail.

If a visitor is using a VPN or proxy service, it affects our ability to concretely confirm that the visitor is in the United States and therefore we abandon the identification process.

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