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Revitalizing Stalled Deals with Strategic Insights: Knotch's Success Story
Revitalizing Stalled Deals with Strategic Insights: Knotch's Success Story
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In the fast-paced world of Growth Marketing and Go-To-Market (GTM) Strategy, the ability to pivot and capitalize on real-time data can make all the difference. Tyler Roselli, who leads these efforts at Knotch, shares an enlightening experience that underscores the transformative impact of leveraging Retention's capabilities beyond its primary function.

Initially, Knotch employed RB2B with the objective of uncovering net-new accounts and prospects, aiming to broaden their market reach and engagement. However, an unexpected and significant value emerged from their routine processes, demonstrating the platform's versatility and depth.

Tyler recounts a pivotal moment: "Although our primary use-case for Retention was to identify net-new accounts/prospects, our earliest win is actually related to a stalled deal we had in the pipeline. When reviewing the daily visitor report with our AEs, we identified a few previously unknown stakeholders on our site. We were able to follow up with the new leads + our champion, and pick up conversations that had otherwise gone dark. From a timing perspective, this certainly played a factor in closing the deal before the end of the quarter."

This account from Tyler not only highlights the direct benefits of engaging with Retention's insights but also exemplifies strategic agility. The ability to identify and engage previously unrecognized stakeholders visiting their site provided Knotch with a unique opportunity to reinvigorate stalled discussions. More importantly, this engagement was timely, contributing to the closure of a crucial deal within a critical financial period.

Knotch's story is a testament to the power of adaptive strategies and the importance of leveraging comprehensive analytics tools like RB2B. By staying attuned to the data and being ready to act on it, businesses can uncover hidden opportunities, resolve potential roadblocks, and drive success in unexpected ways.

Tyler's experience is a beacon for other growth marketers and strategists, illuminating the potential of data-driven decision-making not just for prospecting but also for nurturing and closing pivotal deals. Knotch's ability to pivot and harness the full potential of RB2B's analytics showcases the invaluable role of insightful, actionable data in today's competitive landscape.

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