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To explore and activate available integrations for your account, simply click the Integrations button located in the sidebar menu of the dashboard. This will provide you with a comprehensive list of all the integrations we offer, allowing you to enable one or more according to your needs.

To view the currently available integrations along with their setup instructions, please the Integrations section of our knowledge base. This will direct you to a detailed list where you can find comprehensive guidance on how to enable and use each integration within your account.

A Premium tag on an integration indicates that you must upgrade your account to be able to use it.

A Coming Soon tag on an integration indicates that the engineering team is currently developing this integration and that it will be available for users soon.

Navigating the Integrations Page

At the top of the Integrations page you will find a menu to help you navigate.

All Integrations: displays all available and upcoming integrations.

Active: displays your account's active integrations.

Sales Automation: displays sales related integrations.

Marketing Automation: displays marketing related integrations.

CRMS: displays CRM specific integrations.

Other: displays all other uncategorized integrations.

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