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Verifying Your Script Installation
Verifying Your Script Installation
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The built-in script verification tool serves primarily as a convenience to assist with the installation process. Importantly, the script will automatically verify itself the moment it transmits the first byte of data, making manual verification a helpful but not mandatory step.

To confirm the successful installation of your RB2B tracking script, please follow these steps:

  1. In your dashboard, click on Script from the sidebar menu.

  2. Locate your domain and click the Test script button next to the Unverified label to begin the validation process.

A pop-up window showing your website will briefly appear as our services verify the installation.

Do not close the pop-up window. Closing the pop-up will cause the verification to fail.

If we are not able to verify the script installation, click here to troubleshoot.

If you're confident that there are no issues with your script installation and it hasn't been verified yet, wait 5 minutes and try again.

Error Messages

Successful Verification

If your verification is successful, you will see a green Verified notice appear under the Status column on the domain.

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