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Quick-Start Checklist - RB2B Agency Program
Quick-Start Checklist - RB2B Agency Program
Updated over a week ago

Ready to unleash the full potential of RB2B's Agency Program? Follow this simple checklist to get started and accelerate your success:

1. Sign Up and Onboard:

2. Craft Compelling Content:

  • [ ] Brainstorm ideas for showcasing your agency's expertise and client success stories using RB2B

  • [ ] Create a high-quality post or video demonstrating your workflow and results with RB2B

  • [ ] Utilize our templates and guidance for content creation (click for templates)

3. Post on LinkedIn:

  • [ ] Share your post on LinkedIn which includes your affiliate link. Tag @RB2B, @Adam Robinson (CEO), @Santosh Sharan (COO), @Inbound-Led Outbound, and anyone else from RB2B that you'd like to engage with your post.

  • [ ] Engage with comments and questions to spark conversations

  • [ ] Monitor the performance of your post and track lead generation

4. Reap the Rewards:

  • [ ] Earn a 20% recurring commission for each client referral

  • [ ] Enjoy increased brand visibility and attract high-quality leads

  • [ ] Strengthen client relationships and drive long-term growth

Additional Tips:

  • Collaborate with your clients to create authentic testimonials

  • Experiment with different content formats (e.g., short-form videos, live streams, carousel posts)

  • Track and analyze your results to optimize your strategy

  • Leverage RB2B's resources and support to maximize your success

Ready to take the first step? Join RB2B's Agency Program today and unlock a world of growth opportunities! πŸ€πŸš€

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