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Overview - RB2B Agency Program
Overview - RB2B Agency Program
Updated over a week ago

Agencies, are you ready to supercharge your growth? RB2B's new Agency Program is here to help you improve customer retention, add monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and gain exposure through LinkedIn promotion, all on our dime.

Here's how you the RB2B Agency Program will grow your agency AND your LinkedIn following:

1. Set Up the Dopamine Hits for Retention:

  • Leads Flow In: We'll help you generate a steady stream of leads for your clients, giving them those satisfying dopamine hits that come with new business opportunities.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Create a dedicated Slack channel to share positive client feedback on your outbound efforts, further boosting their confidence in your services and increasing retention by up to 50%.

  • Associate the Wins with YOU: These positive experiences will be linked directly to your agency, strengthening the client relationship and fostering long-term loyalty.

2. Generate Leads for 30 Days (Free):

  • Full-Featured Access: Utilize our unlimited Inbound-Led Outbound platform for free for 30 days to drive lead generation.

  • Flexibility: Integrate with Clay/Smartlead automations or leverage your existing outbound strategies with virtual assistants.

  • Boost Your Earnings: If your agency runs on a performance-based model, you’ll earn more with increased lead generation. If you're on retainer, offer a free month of Inbound-Led Outbound to delight your clients.

3. After 30 Days, Choose Your Path:

  • Purchase the Tech: If your clients’ see the value, buy our platform and enjoy a 20% affiliate commission for every client you bring on board.

  • Flexible Pricing: Coming soon, our credit system will allow you to use the platform for free for up to 200 leads per month. For higher volumes, you can choose to purchase the tool yourself and mark it up, or bill it to your client while still earning your 20% commission.

4. Post on LinkedIn, Acquire More Customers:

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Create a video or post demonstrating your workflow with RB2B, tagging us, your agency, and your client. We'll provide a template to help you get started.

  • Amplify Your Reach: We'll invest in Thought Leadership Ad Dollars to promote your video, showcasing your agency's intelligence and ability to drive results.

Why RB2B's UGC Motion is a Game-Changer:

  • Proven Results: Our Inbound-Led Outbound platform has a track record of generating high-quality leads and driving significant revenue growth for agencies.

  • Client-Centric: We're committed to helping you build stronger relationships with your clients and deliver exceptional value.

  • Growth Focused: We provide the tools and resources you need to scale your agency and achieve your business goals.

Join RB2B's Affiliate Program today! Click here to get started.

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