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Get Started - RB2B Agency Program
Get Started - RB2B Agency Program
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How to Get Started:

  1. Create Your Affiliate Link: First, generate your unique RB2B affiliate link – your key to earning 20% recurring commissions for every successful referral.

  2. Onboard Your Clients: Introduce RB2B to your current clients. Showcase how this performance-driven model can boost their ROI and streamline marketing efforts.

  3. Craft Compelling Content: Share success stories – yours and your clients'. Highlight how RB2B drove tangible results and transformed their marketing strategies. Remember to include your affiliate link in your content!

  4. Post & Tag on LinkedIn: Amplify your reach by tagging @RB2B, @Adam Robinson (CEO), @Santosh Sharan (COO), @Inbound-Led Outbound, and anyone else from RB2B that you'd like to engage with your post. This increases visibility and opens the door for engagement from people on the RB2B team, like Adam.

  5. Engage & Connect: Actively respond to comments and questions on your posts. Spark conversations and connect with potential clients to build relationships and drive referrals.

*RB2B will select the best LinkedIn posts and pay to promote them on LinkedIn using our own ad budget.

Benefits of the RB2B Agency Program:

Earn 20% Recurring Commissions: Enjoy a continuous revenue stream for each successful client referral.

Amplify Your Brand: Gain increased visibility and attract high-quality leads through RB2B's network and resources.

Strengthen Relationships: Solidify your partnerships with existing clients by introducing them to a proven, results-driven tool.

Drive Long-Term Growth: Position yourself as a trusted advisor and unlock new opportunities for your agency.

Ready to get started? Join the RB2B affiliate program and unlock the power of performance-based marketing today!

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