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To access the Notifications settings within the RB2B dashboard, click on your company name at the bottom left of the screen then select Notifications from the menu that appears - or visit

Enabling / Disabling Daily CSV Exports

To enable or disabled the daily email containing your CSV export for all users, simply toggle the setting to Yes or No depending on your answer to the question "Would you like to receive a daily export of your resolution data?"

Adding Users to the Daily Email

To add a user to the daily email notification, click the Add an Email button at that bottom right of the screen.

In the modal window that appears, add the user's email address then click Add Email. If you wish to abandon your changes, click Cancel. To add multiple users, repeat the process one at a time.

Removing Users From the Daily Email

To remove a user from the daily email notification, click the x that appears to the right of their email address. A confirmation window will appear. Click Delete to confirm or Cancel to abandon your changes.

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