CSV Exports
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CSV Exports are only available for RB2B Pro users.

To view a list of the recently generated CSV exports from your account, visit the Exports page in the dashboard at https://app.rb2b.com/profiles/exports.

Downloading a CSV

To download a CSV from a specific day, find the date listed in the right-hand column then right-click the corresponding filename on the left. Choose Save Links As from the list of menu items to save the file to your computer.

Most browsers will allow you to simply click on the file to download it but some browsers, depending on your settings, will try to open the CSV file directly in your browser. You can avoid this by using the download method described above.

Exporting Contacts from a Desired Date Range

To export contacts from a desired date range click the Select a Date Range dropdown at the top of the page and choose from Today, Past 3 Days, Past 7 Days, and Past 30 Days from the options then click Export Profiles.

This will generate a CSV in the background. When complete, you will receive an email with the link to download the file. Similarly, the newly generated export will also become available to download on the Exports page once complete - you can see it by refreshing your page.

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