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2024/03/17 - Updates to Analytics
2024/03/17 - Updates to Analytics
Updated over a week ago

Updated to Analytics

We are happy to release an updated view to the Analytics page which should provide more clarity about the statistics that you were seeing in RB2B.

Across the top of the page you will now find: New Profiles, Returning Profiles, Page Views, and Total Sessions.

New Profiles

This is the total number of net-new profiles as identified from sessions during the selected time period.

Returning Profiles

This is the total number of previously identified profiles that have returned to your website and have been identified during subsequent sessions during the selected time period.

Total Site Views

This is the total number of times that your site has been loaded by users whom we have been able to identify (aka sessions).

Page Views

This is the total number of page views generated by identified visitors (aka sessions) during the selected time period.

External Influences on RB2B's Person Identification Accuracy

A common question is "what affects RB2B's ability to identify someone." In an effort to shed some light on what external factors affect performance and help you understand why someone may or may not be identified by us, we've written this article.

Updated to Script Page

The figures beside domains have been removed as they were confusing to users. Many believed that these figures were representative of the number of profiles identified when in reality they showed the number of page views, in an effort to help show that the script was working. This often lead to confusion as people were expecting to see a higher number of collected profiles than they received because they were misinterpreting the page views to be profiles.

We've replaced the figures with a checkmark to show an active script, and an alert icon to signify an inactive script.

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