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How does our tracking script's domain-specific security feature work?
How does our tracking script's domain-specific security feature work?
Updated over a week ago

Our tracking script is designed with a built-in security feature that strictly limits its functionality to the domains that have been explicitly authorized in your account settings. This means that the script will only activate and track user interactions on the websites that you have specified. Here's how it works:

Domain Verification

When the tracking script is loaded on a webpage, it first verifies the domain against a list of approved domains associated with your account.

Activation Criteria

If the current domain matches one of the authorized domains, the script activates and functions normally, tracking user interactions and gathering data as configured.

Security Check

This security measure prevents unauthorized use of the tracking script on domains outside of your control, enhancing the integrity and reliability of your data.


To add or modify the list of authorized domains, you can easily update your account settings through our user dashboard.

Feature coming soon. For more information about making a change during the early access beta, read this article.

By ensuring the tracking script operates only within a pre-defined domain environment, we provide an additional layer of security and control, safeguarding your data and respecting user privacy on unauthorized domains.

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