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Understanding Data Encryption in RB2B
Understanding Data Encryption in RB2B
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Our commitment to safeguarding your data is paramount, and we employ robust encryption standards to protect it both in transit and at rest. This knowledge base article provides a comprehensive overview of the encryption protocols and methodologies we implement to secure your data throughout our service.

Database Encryption at Rest

Our databases, where sensitive and critical data are stored, are encrypted at rest. This means that the data, when not actively being accessed or processed, is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. We use industry-standard encryption algorithms, AES-256, to ensure that even if physical security controls fail, the data remains unintelligible and secure against unauthorized access.

Secure Queue Service (SQS) Encryption in Transit

Our message queuing service (SQS) is encrypted in transit, safeguarding the messages as they move between our services. This encryption ensures that any data, commands, or messages sent through the SQS cannot be intercepted, read, or altered by unauthorized entities during transmission.

Endpoint Encryption

All communication with our service endpoints requires Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, ensuring that any data transmitted between your devices and our service is secure. This includes:

  • API interactions: All API requests and responses are encrypted, preventing data exposure during transit.

  • User authentication and data transfers: We ensure that your login credentials and any data transferred during your session are encrypted.

HTTPS for Website Security

Our website employs HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), providing a secure channel over which data is sent between your browser and our website. This protocol uses SSL/TLS encryption to protect the data integrity and confidentiality of the information exchanged.

Signature Algorithm SHA-256 with RSA Encryption

We employ the SHA-256 with RSA signature algorithm to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the data being exchanged. This cryptographic signature algorithm helps in verifying that the data received has not been altered and truly originates from the claimed source.

TLS 1.3 for Data in Transit

All data transmitted to and from our service is encrypted using TLS 1.3, the latest and most secure version of the Transport Layer Security protocol. TLS 1.3 provides enhanced security and performance benefits, ensuring that your data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption as it moves across the internet.

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