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Viewing Profiles Who Have Visited Hot Pages
Viewing Profiles Who Have Visited Hot Pages
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To view profiles who have visited your previously a Hot Page, click on the Profiles link in your dashboard menu.

Any user that has identified a Hot Page since the page was designated as such will receive a Hot page tag on their profile.

A user is tagged with a Hot Page tag if they visit a Hot Page at any time after it is defined as such. If the page is removed as a Hot Page at a later date, the user will still be tagged as having visited a Hot Page.

Viewing the Specific Hot Page a User Visited

To see which of your active Hot Pages a particular user visited, click the View Details button on the righthand side of their profile.

In the Activity section, you'll see a red flame icon beside any active Hot Pages that the user has visited.

A URL is only designated with a Hot Page icon if the URL is a current Hot Page.

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