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Why does Slack say "This app has been disabled"?
Why does Slack say "This app has been disabled"?
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Scenario 1

If you encounter the 'This app has been disabled' message in Slack, it may be due to a delay in the app installation within your ecosystem. Depending on your workspace's settings, it can take a couple of minutes for the app to establish a connection with Slack. Should this message appear, a simple solution is to reload Slack, which typically resolves the issue.

Scenario 2

The "This app has been disabled" message from Slack can indicate that our Slack app requires approval by your organization's internal IT or security team before it can be used. This message should disappear once the app receives approval for use within your company's digital ecosystem.

Should the message continue to appear even after obtaining approval, try disconnecting and then reconnecting the Slack integration. This action often resolves any lingering issues, ensuring a smooth integration process.

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