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Logging in to the Dashboard
Updated over a week ago

To log in to our dashboard, simply enter the email address linked to your existing account. Once you've entered your email and clicked the Login button, we'll send you a magic link* via email. This link is a secure, one-time-use URL that allows you to complete the login process quickly and safely, without the need for a password. Just click on the magic link, and you'll be logged into your account immediately.

In the event that the magic link doesn't work, the email also includes a single-use 6 digit access code that can be used to log in.

* A magic link is a type of secure, user-friendly authentication tool used in various online platforms. Instead of requiring a user to remember and enter a password, a magic link is a unique, one-time-use URL sent to the user's email address. When the user clicks on this link, they are automatically authenticated and logged into the website or application. This method simplifies the login process, enhances security by eliminating the risk of password breaches, and improves user experience by removing the need to remember complex passwords. Magic links are especially useful for applications prioritizing ease of access and security.

If you haven't received the email containing your magic link, please first check your spam folder. If it's not there, you can resend the email by clicking the Send Email Again button.

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