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How is RB2B going to avoid the cookie tracking issues presented by Google Chrome?
How is RB2B going to avoid the cookie tracking issues presented by Google Chrome?
Updated over a week ago

Our cookies are classified as first-party cookies by major web browsers, including Google Chrome. This categorization is significant as it places them outside the scope of the stringent tracking prevention measures that these browsers are planning to implement. First-party cookies are set directly by our website, as opposed to third-party cookies which are created by domains other than the one the user is visiting. This distinction is crucial in the context of evolving web privacy standards and browser policies.

Due to their first-party status, our cookies are designed to offer a more seamless and integrated user experience on our website. They play a key role in personalizing and optimizing the user experience, by remembering user preferences, settings, and login information. Furthermore, as browsers like Chrome move towards more aggressive tracking prevention strategies, primarily targeting third-party cookies, our first-party cookies ensure continued functionality and user experience enhancement without falling afoul of these new measures.

It's important to note that while our cookies are not the focus of the upcoming tracking prevention initiatives, we remain committed to user privacy and data protection. We adhere to all relevant regulations and best practices in data handling, ensuring that our users' privacy is respected and their data is securely managed.

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