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Formatting Your Custom RB2B Integration
Formatting Your Custom RB2B Integration
Updated over a week ago

Formatting Your Custom RB2B Integration

To ensure a seamless integration of your service with RB2B, it is essential to configure your custom integration so that your users can effortlessly connect to your service. This is accomplished by allowing them to add a single URL endpoint within RB2B. Once this endpoint is configured, RB2B will send data to your service via webhooks.

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Your integration will leverage RB2B's existing webhook integration as a guide. The data will be passed from RB2B to you in the following format:

"LinkedIn URL": "",
"First Name": "Adam",
"Last Name": "Robinson",
"Title": "CEO @ We help Ecomm brands grow & monetize their first-party audience",
"Company Name": "",
"Business Email": "[email protected]",
"Website": "",
"Industry": "Internet Technology & Services",
"Employee Count": 60,
"Estimate Revenue": "$22M rev",
"City": "Austin",
"State": "Texas",
"Zipcode": "73301",
"Seen At": "2024-01-01T12:34:56:00.00+00.00",
"Referrer": "",
"Captured URL": "",
"Tags": "Hot Pages, ICP",
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