How to Add RB2B's Script to Squarespace
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Squarespace offers a wide variety of options for installing custom scripts on their websites. We recommend using the Code Injection method.

Adding the RB2B script to your Squarespace site empowers you with enhanced tracking capabilities, providing valuable insights into visitor behavior. This guide outlines the steps to seamlessly integrate the RB2B script into your Squarespace website using the platform's Code Injection feature.

Copy the RB2B Script

Start by ensuring that you have the RB2B script ready. You can find it in the Script section of the dashboard. Copy the entire code snippet to your clipboard, preparing it for embedding into your Squarespace site.

Log In to Squarespace

Begin by signing into your Squarespace account. Ensure you have the necessary permissions to modify your site's settings, as you'll be accessing areas that affect your site's overall functionality.

Access Site Settings

Once logged in, navigate to the Home Menu. From there, click on Website then Pages, which will lead you to the various configuration options available for your site.

Locate Website Tools

Within the Pages menu, scroll down to find the Website Tools section. This area contains settings that allow for deeper customization of your site, including the ability to add custom code.

Open Code Injection

Click on Code Injection within the Advanced section. Squarespace's Code Injection feature provides a straightforward way to add custom scripts to your site without needing to directly edit its HTML.

Inject the RB2B Script

In the Code Injection area, you'll see several fields where you can add code snippets that will be injected into different parts of your site. For the RB2B script, you'll typically use the Header field, as this ensures the script loads on every page of your site.

Paste the RB2B script, as provided in the dashboard, into the Header field. This placement ensures the script executes as each page on your site loads, allowing for consistent tracking across your entire website.

Save Your Changes

After pasting the RB2B script into the Header field, click Save at the top of the Code Injection page. This action commits your changes and integrates the RB2B script with your Squarespace site.

Congratulations! You've successfully integrated the RB2B script into your Squarespace site. This enhancement will provide you with deeper insights into your site visitors, enabling more informed decision-making and strategy development.

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