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Zero Cold Emails, Four Demos: David Cimaglia's Winning Strategy at
Zero Cold Emails, Four Demos: David Cimaglia's Winning Strategy at
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In the dynamic landscape of SaaS marketing, innovative strategies can lead to remarkable outcomes.'s very own David Cimaglia's recent success is a prime example of how creative thinking and the right tools can transform the sales process. Within a mere seven days, David managed to secure four demo bookings without sending a single cold email.

The secret to David's success lies in his 5-Step Signal-Based Sequences playbook, designed to leverage's technology for booking demos with high efficiency. Here's a breakdown of his approach:

Quick Setup

By installing the RB2B script on the website and linking it to a Slack channel, the team could instantly identify web visitors and their LinkedIn profiles, all within less than five minutes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Keeping a vigilant eye on the Slack channel enabled immediate response to Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) leads, capitalizing on the momentum of their site visit.

Instant LinkedIn Connection

Connecting with ICP leads on LinkedIn right after their visit boasted nearly a 100% acceptance rate, fostering positive brand perception at a crucial moment.

Immediate Email Outreach

The first email was sent out swiftly, aiming to capitalize on the recent interaction with the website. The template provided a personal touch while expressing eagerness to discuss how Retention could benefit the potential client.

Follow-Up Strategy

Within 24 hours, David followed up with a LinkedIn message and a second email, ensuring multiple touchpoints to reinforce the connection.


1. Install RB2B script on website and connect to Slack channel (Time: <5min)

  • This will allow your to identify your web visitors and push LinkedIn profiles to Slack

2. Keep an eye on the channel in real-time (Time: Ongoing)

  • This will allow you to respond within MINUTES of seeing an ICP lead

3. Connect with ICP lead immediately on LinkedIn (Time: <1min)

  • We are seeing a NEAR 100% ACCEPTANCE RATE from website visitors

  • This creates a favorable brand impression at the perfect time

4. Send email #1 to ICP lead immediately (Time: <3min)

  • The key is to get the email out as quickly as possible

  • See template below

5. Wait 24 hours, send message on LinkedIn (Time: <5min)

  • The key is to get as many touches as possible in the 24 hours after the visit

6. Send email #2 24 hours after email 1 (Time: <3min)

Email Template 1

Hi [NAME],

Good morning. I hope this email finds you well.

I want to thank you for spending a few minutes on our site recently to learn more about Retention.

I appreciate your interest and I would love to spend 15 minutes on a brief chat to discuss how our platform can both increase your email list size and drive incremental lift in revenue for you.

What works this week for you?

I hope to hear from you soon.


Email Template 2

Subj: Anonymous Website Visitors

Marketing/Email teams spend thousands to acquire visitors to their site...doesn't it make sense to identify as many as possible?!

Retention provides an incredible incremental lift in revenue by:

- Identifying 50% more cart / view product / check out abandoners

- Identifying up to 30% of anonymous site visitors. These are consumers on your site, showing intent, then leaving...we can tell you who they are...send back into your ESP a highly engaged, guaranteed deliverable email address.

- Retargeting 80% of all previously anonymous website traffic directly into Meta.

- Identifying which of your "dead emails" are actively engaging with other brands so you can retarget them safely

Would you like to hop on a 15 minute call to learn more?

Let me know.




This seems simple. But, when the SIGNAL is strong... it works.

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